Keseh Morgan

Why Made in California = Healthier

California is leading the charge with providing meaningful important potentially life saving information to its residents. Harmful and toxic products can still be sold in the U.S., but now the consumer will have full accessibility to product ingredients in California. Knowledge is power:

In 2005, California became the first state to pass legislation governing the safety and reporting of cosmetic ingredients. 

Most recently California extended product labeling guidelines to professional salon products and increased product information for fragranced ingredients.

The Food and Drug Association (FDA) has some general guidelines for packaging and distribution of cosmetics: Ingredients with less than 1% concentration, active drug ingredients and color additives currently are not federally required to be listed on packaging. 

In Bath Bar’s heart of hearts these are important misses- But you can relax knowing Bath Bar doesn't sneak any bad stuff in this 1% grey area. This 1% is usually fragrance and color additives in most cosmetics and you know what fragrance we use- Because you get to choose your essential oils, plant based fragrance blends & plant based color additives in your products here.

Hooray for Bath Bar! We are a proud to be born and bred in California.

Bath Bar meets and exceeds both federal and state guidelines.

Our team works tirelessly to source our products ensuring the safest quality available + Bath Bar is always vegan, non-toxic, cruelty-free, paraben free, phthalate free, sulfate free, fair trade, ethically sourced and non-toxic. 

But whats even cooler than all that? Bath Bar is customizable and fresh mixed!

Time to treat yourself & pamper your health™️ to California's finest relaxing bath & body bar.

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Organic, natural, plant based? These are a few of the clean beauty buzzwords that we are all familiar with. If you want to go for a deeper dive. Think not just about what is in your beauty products but where they are coming from and how that affects how they are labeled. Does your state have laws about cosmetics? How does that affect availability of products? How clean are your cosmetics?