Keseh Morgan

5 Simple Ways to Spark Love

Love in the time of a viral pandemic & revolution.? Did not get that memo and caring about love is not in the cards…but is it??  SUMMER feels like its here, officially it will be here June 20th.

Life has all but screeched to a halt and asked us to go deeper, self examine & slow down all while settling into whatever all will be. But what about love? Now more than ever we all need a little extra love. How can we show love from a distance and those we are closest to? Reinvent love? Bath Bar has been having the same thoughts. Let us talk about love as a language. What language do you speak?

Words of affirmation. Hearing/reading loving thoughts is one of the simplest love languages to master. Minimal effort for maximum output. 
  • leave a little post it notes on the front door with a sweet message on it.
  • Or throw a note in their pocket.
  • Something sweet for them to find throughout the day.
  • For those that are stuck together all day everyday, randomly text your partner something sexy.
  • Send them an email with a message of love. A little goes a long way.
Acts of service. Surprise! Who does not love a special treat? Especially when we are all stuck at home? Add flowers or your partners favorite ice cream flavor to your next Instacart order. Open your delivery and smile a little wider.


Physical touch. Hold hands, it's so simple but we forget! What if we thought of holding hands even while we rode bikes? While you are watching a show or even while they are typing away at their desk rub your partners shoulders with some nice smelling lotion or oil. A Bath Bar favorite is our body oil with a sexy summer blend of coconut, almond & vanilla.

Quality time.  How can we have more time together? It has already been 3 whole months! Time is not necessarily quality time. Chances are your favorite DJ is doing an Instagram live set this weekend. Light some candles and dance the night away. Two left feet? Tickle each other or playfully start a good old-fashioned pillow fight.

Receiving gifts.  Remind your partner of a different time. Swap out some old pictures around the house with ones you have not seen in a while. Spark some fun memories. The gift here is time. It is giving yourself and your partner time and space to discover each other. Ask a few more questions, poke your head in the garage or office and just be present.

If you cannot be home with your partner and physical touch is still against the rules. Organize some time to be completely in an activity together, from a distance. Give the illusion that you are together during this time. Send some notes via snail mail. Order each other a delivery from a special place.

However you can show love during these uneasy times, just remember to show it. The smallest gestures fill the biggest spaces in our hearts.

Time to put some summer love in the air with some sexy coconut or flower lei scents from California's finest relaxing bath & body bar.



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