Jess Crocker

Shadow Work, Releasing Guilt & Restoring

Self-quarantine has been a time for self-discovery. Cleaning out drawers and looking into forbidden coat closets that haven't seen the light of day in years....

Now it's time to do some personal cleaning up too.

Not just cleaning up our skin care routine and going non toxic and natural.

I'm talking about all things that are toxic and not serving us & our community anymore... I'm talking about SHADOW WORK.

Shadow Work = accessing the hidden parts of ourselves that we are ashamed of or have previously denied or repressed, in order to bring light to them, integrate them, and bring us back into wholeness. A shorter way of putting this: embracing our humanness and becoming partners with our egos.

What sense of self importance (ego) holds you back from learning or hearing new perspectives? What thought patterns, deep seeded beliefs, relationships, friendships or even career holds you back from being your best self. 


Prejudice and racial bias are rooted in fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of differences. Fear of “other.” Fear of being overtaken, replaced or without control. The way to uproot fear is to expose the lies beneath the surface. This is shadow work.

Let’s choose to engage in dialogue concerning race and differences. Let’s not shy away from it. Instead, choose to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Refuse to look away in the face of injustice. Again Shadow Work.

What will be after all of this?

What is the outcome we should all look towards?

What are we striving for? 

The global new normal?

Dig deep y'all and settle into this wild enlightening ride.

Because threw the mud the lotus blooms and so will you.

Then with an open heart we can

Restore & Reset.

I look forward to simplicity, quality of life, gratitude, joy, and love. Simplicity of future days spent with friends. Enjoying an amazing meal full of laughter and joy. Gratitude for health and wealth. Joy and reverence for the cycle of life and the journey. Love for partners, family, and most of all self. Goals for the re-emergence post pandemic and protests into a safe world of love.

What are you doing to heal as we examine? Beyond hurt, shame and anger there is the love and healing we can move into. Yes, we are growing up and it's painful. Growing pains hurt but growth is beautiful.

I hope that the self care we offer helps us heal and guide us back to each other and heal our deeper selves.



CEO, Bath Bar


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