Jess Crocker

Pro-Tips For Perfume Shopping

Perfume Pro-Tips to help you while you shop:
What are scents?  Time machines.  Persona sharpeners.  Mood shifters.  Love generators.  Let divine aromas be your guide!
Scent Families:   Various and wondrous scents can be used to enhance important occasions, intimate soirees, romantic evenings...  Trust your intuition if you are called to more than one scent family.  The combination of two scent groups can result in a sublime synergistic experience!  Here are our Scent Families:

💐 floral 
🌿 fresh green
🕯 sensual
🏝 tropical 
🌊 clean coastal 
🍊 citrus 
🌎 earthy 

Levels of Concentration:  Whether you want to be bold, sexy, sly, discreet, or have just the slightest hint of allure, your mood can be enhanced based on the level of concentration you choose, how powerful or subdued you want your scent to be.
Our concentration levels by percent/volume of our exceptional perfume oils are as follows:
🧪Pure Perfume Rollette: 40-50% aromatic compounds.
💦Perfume Mist (Body Mist): 7-10% aromatic compounds.
🧴Body Cream/Lotion – 3-5% aromatic compounds.
🧼Body Wash/Soap – 3-5% aromatic compounds.
 🛁Bath Salts – 3-5% aromatic compounds.
    Classification of perfumes are according to their concentration. 
    Pure Perfume, Parfum, Parfum Extrait, Extrait de Parfum, Perfume Extract, and Elixir are the strongest concentrations of fragrance. Each has between 20% to 40% aromatic compounds. International Fragrance Association (IFRA) has determined that 20% is the most common concentration for this type of perfume. It is the most expensive variant and comes in very small bottles, since its recommended single application is a tiny amount.  It creates a long-lasting, heavy-scented fragrance. 
    Perfume MistBrume de ParfumVoile de ParfumEau ParfuméeEau Sans Alcohol, Body Mist and Eau de Toilette have the same concentration levels (5% – 8%).  The solvent in each is the lightest variant for a feminine perfume and uses a non-alcohol based aerosol propellant.   We offer a Moisturizing Body Mist with  7-10% aromatic compounds in an organic aloe water base.
    Of all scent classifications, our  Pure Perfume Roll-On lasts the longestusually six to eight hours with  40-50% aromatic compounds in an organic coconut carrier oil. The Pure Perfume Roll-On consists of pure botanical aromatic compounds, essential oils in an organic coconut carrier oil, thus making it our strongest, purest scent ever.
    Use our Scent Quiz and Gift Cards to give the gift of self expression through aromatic design.  
    Designing your own scent is an essential and uniquely amazing experience. 
    Share this Quiz with a friend, a co-worker, a loved one and see what they come up with... 
    then surprise them with a truly personalized gift, suitable for any occasion.
    It's only a few clicks away!