Jess Crocker

How Smells Can Help You Feel Better

Want to feel better? Start sniffing.
How your sense of smell can help you feel better...

Folks today are increasingly turning to aromatherapy and scents to soothe stress, find a sense of comfort, or revive their spirits. In fact, we’re pre-conditioned to have smell preferences with our responses based partly on individual genetic make-up (our DNA) and partly on life experiences. 

So, that bergamot note that reminds you of a beloved grandmother and her Earl Grey Tea ☕️ or the Sunscreen 👙 Coconut 🥥 smell that reminds you of fun in the sun all plays a part in your personal scent preferences. That’s what is so beautiful about what I get to do here at Bath Bar – I get to help make custom scents that make you feel good and cater to you and your individual DNA and life experiences.

It is scientifically proven that different aromas can have a huge impact on emotions and moods – not just personally, but also affecting those around you. Such as, simply wearing a calming scent that makes your kids chill out when they're around you.

For example - bergamot is a feel-good scent

peppermint makes you perkier and more alert,

and grapefruit, believe it or not, apparently makes others believe you’re younger than you are!

This is one reason so many people now have a ‘wardrobe’ of fragrances, rather than just one signature scent:

  • a perfume to make you feel romantic & sexy for a date,
  • an energizing hair & body mist to help you through a hard day staring at a computer screen 👩🏻‍💻,
  • a relaxed weekend feels scent for Saturdays and Sundays,
  • or a unisex perfume for an important meeting or work engagement that makes you feel focused and professional, the same way a sharp suit or a crisp blouse does.

I’m a huge believer in using scent every day as a way to literally take a breather, and I’m happy to help curate your scent wardrobe.

Email or call us if you need help curating your Bath Bar scents or have specific issues you’d like a scent to help with. Helping women feel good is my mission and it warms my heart to hear back from you.

Allow yourself the luxury for a few minutes each day: inhale your favorite aromas and treat yourself to a mini-spa experience by focusing on a scent and how it makes you feel.

It’s genuinely life-changing.

If your spirits could do with a boost,  visit our shoppe  and treat yourself (or a friend who’s been going through a hard time) to some Bath Bar feel-good delights, like a citrus shower gel to boost energy or lavender vanilla bath salts for insomnia. 

With a deep breathe, a breeze of grapefruit & vanilla-

Yours in health & wellness,

Jess Crocker

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