Jess Crocker

3 Simple Steps to Customizing

Let's create your most simple yet brilliant scent yet!

When you see all of Bath Bar’s botanical perfume options, it can be tempting to concoct a complicated fragrance blend. I get it, you want to evoke every aspect of your personality, style, and mind/body need (bergamot, orange blossom, gardenia, vanilla, sandalwood,...). But sometimes simple scents actually work best and are more effective at making you feel great. That’s why we curated our customization process into 3 simple steps:

  1. top,
  2. middle,
  3. and base notes,

to make it easier for you to find the perfect botanical blend – without going overboard. Adding a simple top, middle & base note to your perfumed lotion or perfume rollette is really perfect perfume symmetry. Don't feel like choosing those three notes?

No worries, we have beautiful perfume blends ready made for you to enjoy too!

Plus, you don’t have to use all three notes.

If you’re having a stressful month, you may just want a simple jasmine or vanilla.

If you’ve been feeling low-energy and need a little pickup, you may need peppermint or citrus.

It’s all about us making what YOU need, and what you need this month may not be what you need next month. We are ever-changing, always-evolving people with new experiences and needs every day, month, and year.

Researchers believe that simpler scents, like simply vanilla, contribute to "processing fluency," allowing the brain to more easily process and understand the scent and make it more helpful or effective. Maybe you need a simple fresh scents like green tea, lemongrass ginger, or a citrus to freshen up your life. For your current home office environment, choose lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, grapefruit, or tea tree to increase productivity and alertness. And for those high-stress pandemic anxiety days: lavender, orange, vanilla, and green tea can be used for relaxing and reducing tension.

It may help to think about scent as being like background music. Loud or complicated music can be annoying, but if the volume's too low the effect is lost entirely. Your best bet is to aim for a middle ground that's neither hiding the scent nor assaulting to you. Thats the beauty in our Customization process, we are all unique with different needs and experiences.

Scent making isn't just for the elite- you too can make the perfect blend.

Making your own scent can feel like it's out of reach, but there's actually nothing stopping you from creating a "strategic olfactory scent" just for you, just focus on what YOUR mind and body needs.

So, what scent do you think you have been needing lately to feel good?

click here to create your perfect scent.

Unsure where to start? You can also take our scent quiz to find out what scent matches your personality!


Email me and I am happy to help you curate your blend.